Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life's Interesting!

As for life with my living soul is Very important to gain experiences as my growth and development.

Always to stay busy and learning daily. Also connect to this is to have Daily Prayer. So God knows that you sincere asking for guidance to provide a way.

That is why I am a mail man who cares for customers to deliver the mail the right time for their benefits to open freely to get letters to be read as well packages to be opened happily from their loved ones.

I love my wife and my kids as posterity very much!

I thank the Lord for my blessings daily. And I am looking forward to appreciate during the thanksgiving feast at my home.

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL and may the Lord bless and watches over YOU!

Warmly yours,



karen said...

Hi Tom!

I was just checking in on your blog, I don't really have a question right now but I do like the picture of you delivering the mail! That is a job many of us for granted. You are out there in all kinds of weather and sometime we don't even THINK about it. Well, THANK YOU!

Talk to you soon,
Karen Macy

gillian said...

Hi Tom;

Just wanted to say Hello , hope ,all is well with you, hows the weather were you are, its very cold here in Sussex UK, hope to speak to you again soon, God Bless Love Gill

MARJA said...

Hi Tom!

Just wanted to say HI too! :-)
Love your photo, and the work you do really IS great and important!
You know I always worked at a Postoffice/Bank.
People will always love to get mail in their mailbox, it will never beat email!

Much love to you and your beautiful family!
Your friend from Holland,
Marja X

Zena said...

Hi Tom,

I thought I'd stop by to read your blog! It looks great and I look forward to visiting here often!:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,