Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life's Interesting!

As for life with my living soul is Very important to gain experiences as my growth and development.

Always to stay busy and learning daily. Also connect to this is to have Daily Prayer. So God knows that you sincere asking for guidance to provide a way.

That is why I am a mail man who cares for customers to deliver the mail the right time for their benefits to open freely to get letters to be read as well packages to be opened happily from their loved ones.

I love my wife and my kids as posterity very much!

I thank the Lord for my blessings daily. And I am looking forward to appreciate during the thanksgiving feast at my home.

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL and may the Lord bless and watches over YOU!

Warmly yours,


Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Deafness

I am still accepting for who I really am.

I can see. I am smart. I can do things well through patience in life.

I am now currently a mailman nearly 25 years and I am enjoying very much!

It's a hard work on every different challenges days of my life!


P.S. Being a mailman to deliver is like I am singing just like my brothers and sister!