Friday, January 9, 2009

When Not Understand, Ask to "Repeat"

During conversation with people that it is essential to ask when you don't understand. They'll be glad to repeat as a sign that you care for asking when you don't understand.

That is my policy otherwise you are weighing your mind heavily and wonder! It's better to ask that gives you 'clear conscience'!!

If not, it give your hair gray and to your body's ache and gradually old. Ha!


Kathy said...

So true!! I learned quickly on my mission, if I didn't understand something being signed to me, I needed to ask what they were signing, or I would be lost in the conversation! I especially appreciated your patience as I interpreted for you while on my mission :) Kindness is a wonderful quality that you truely possess.
Kathy _\m/

Pen said...

Hearing or not, it is always best to ask to avoid misunderstandings.
This can lead to conflict and bad feelings unnecessarily.
tolerance patience and kindness are qualities I always admire.
Tom you and I have yet to meet, but I know you have these qualities.